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1 11 2009

Where do I begin? I’ve been thinking about blogging for so long and it’s finally coming to life. It’s very exciting. About a year ago, I knew while I’m helping lots of artists and creators with coaching and consulting projects that the company needed to grow. I wanted to offer more services, and especially more affordable services, classes and products, to those who want to learn about art licensing, licensing in general and marketing creative products. That’s how All Art Licensing came into being (Well, it was on a great trip to Guatemala where I had some time and space to think and dream, but that’s another story!)
So I’m here today to introduce you to my new web site www.allartlicensing.com Please check it out and share your comments and questions here on the blog…I can’t wait to hear from all our friends and colleagues in the art and licensing worlds.
This has been in the works for some time, and all good things take time to come to fruition. For anyone who has been on my monthly newsletter list you will be asked to re-register for the new All Art Licensing newsletter on the web site, http://www.allartlicensing.com/newsletter.cfm, where we have an easy registration form. I’m sure you will notice a different look and feel, but I’ll guarantee you’ll continue to get the most detailed industry articles. And it will keep you appraised of upcoming events, like our ‘FREE FOR FREE’ Legal Ease series this month. So sign up for the blog, re-register for the newsletter, check out the web site, share the news about All Art Licensing with your friends, colleagues and networks. Let’s stick together and stay connected we can all continue to grow…I know I am looking forward to using these new communication tools!

Sincerely, J’net



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