5 11 2009

I find answering all of your questions really fun and rewarding.  During the last six months I have dedicated one Friday a month to my FREE FRIDAY Q&A.  That’s the day you can email me your questions about art licensing, marketing and licensing in general, and I answer them in as much detail as possible.  Then you just dial-in for your answers in an easy and informative hour-long phone call.  Please spread the word, and put all of our Free Friday’s on your calendar.

The remaining dates for my FREE FRIDAY Q&A’s this year  are: November 20th and December 18th.  They are always at 9am PST and 12 noon EST. And here’s how you register;  just click here. This will take you to our class schedule, just scroll down to the date of the class and click through to the shopping cart.  Since they are free, no credit card will be taken, just vital information to register you: Name/email.

Here is a list of questions that I answered in just one of the Q&A sessions; and another recent Q&A included answers to more than 25 questions.  I have edited the questions here a bit, but have maintained the “gist” of the question.

  1. I submitted art work to a manufacturer who offered to work it up and put it on their products. She told me if I hadn’t heard from her in a certain amount of time for me to contact her. What do you think about that?
  2. As someone who is just starting out in licensing, should I focus my efforts on 2-3 product categories only? If so, should my product mockups be only for the categories I am focusing on, or should I also create mockups for many other categories?
  3. How do you spot trends early? How do trends happen? How do artists originate a trend? Where can I find out more about this topic?
  4. Should samples in specific categories be sent to one manufacturer at a time, or can you submit Xmas Gift bag designs to several manufacturers at once?
  5. Do all art licensing contracts HAVE to state that the manufacturer is the one liable if anyone is injured with the product or during the manufacturing of a product?  I hate to negotiate for things if they are not necessary so I am wondering if NOT having a liability clause is a deal breaker in all instances for art licensing.
  6. How does one contact a manufacturer to request a catalog of their products?
  7. What gain is there in exhibiting at two or more trade shows if the same manufacturers are showing up?
  8. What is a normal, healthy time period for you to sign over the licensing rights to a company? Does it vary because of the particular product or not?
  9. How much does luck play in winning a license? And what can one do to increase the odds? What can attitude do to enhance our chances?
  10. Is there a master calendar you can share with us on when we should submit seasonal or holiday material?
  11. When do you believe in cattle calls? How does one make that decision?
  12. Which order of importance are these and why: Content… Style… Image… Writing… and Reputation?

You do have to register for each one separately, but that’s a small price to pay for so much information.  Those of you who have attended these in the past, I’d really appreciate your sharing about the experience and I’ll post your comments. Some past Q&A’s are available to purchase for only $10, to cover our time.

Sincerely, J’net



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