Why am I talking about ‘dirty secrets’?

8 12 2009

For more than 20 years I have worked in the licensing industry. Even after building the DILBERT business from the ground up and coaching hundreds of artists, as well as seeing the Internet and social media revolutions in the industry, it continues to amaze me how ‘veiled’ and difficult the industry is to get information on. Yet, on the other hand, licensing is such an influential and prominent industry in our lives — think of all the licensed products we see advertised and on retail shelves every day.

This contradiction sparked my upcoming smARTist® Telesummit presentation titled “The 30 Dirty Secrets of Art Licensing.” These secrets, while seemingly off-putting, are hiding a fascinating industry with mega potential. For those artists who have passion for seeing their art on products, as well as for artistic talent with an entrepreneurial mindset, learning how this industry really works can be life altering. I will cover why art licensing can be more lucrative than other art fields and what it takes to get into art licensing and how to create a profitable and thriving business. In fact, I will include information from most every class I’ve ever taught.

This presentation is part of the 4th Annual smARTist® Telesummit 2010 – Where all you do is jump on the phone, or click on a webcast link from your computer, and hear everything live! (Don’t worry, we record all 13 sessions so you can listen any time—at your convenience!) For 7 energizing days it’s all about you! Come learn from 11 art career experts and successful artists exactly what it takes to be successful in any economy—with focus and facts standing alongside your fabulous art.

And starting today, there are 4 FREE pre-events you can participate in…just sign up at this link or read more about the event.

And remember, this professional development art career conference only happens once a year…

January 21 & 22 (2 Experts Panel Days)

January 25-29 (5 days with 11 Keynote speakers)

I also wanted to share these insights from Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D., Founder smARTist Telesummit:

What Do Successful Artists Have In Common?

Over the years I’ve noticed that successful artists have at least these three things in common: focus, facts, and fabulous art.

Focus — Successful artists can tell you what their vision is. And they know how to use this vision to focus on the most effective strategies, outside and inside the studio, for getting recognized, exhibited and paid.

Facts — Successful artists learn from others. They take advantage of the newest, most up-to-date facts and information about how to make a living from their art so they end up with a plan that works.

Fabulous art — Successful artists know that compelling art with a “true voice,” is the bedrock of it all. They also know that great art is not enough. The world is changing so fast that they also need realistic action steps, backed by real-world information, from people they respect.

Learn more about the smARTist Telesummit



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