AmericasMart License & Design Collection Feedback

13 01 2010

I had several meetings with manufacturers in Atlanta on Tuesday, but due to  my son’s birthday I missed out on seeing the License & Design Collection temporary booths, which were only open Friday – Sunday. This morning I got on the phone with several of the exhibitors, as well as some attending licensing agents and artists, to get their feedback on the trade show and AmericasMart.

Each and every person I spoke with reiterated that this trade event has many of the same problems, which occur in any show that is just getting established, such as there being fewer exhibitors than they expected.

Since the License & Design Collection booths were open for just three days, it meant the organizers needed to find an area which could be put up and taken down without affecting the other sections of the show. The place they found is nothing less than really, incredibly difficult to find. Add to that: the signage wasn’t great (said buyer’s welcome, oops!)…there were no escalators to the floor…and little explanation in the Official Directory/Buyer’s guide about the section (where it is, how to get there and why it’s there).

Taking these factors into consideration, I think it’s understandable that the agents and artists I spoke to, who had booths at AmericasMart Atlanta in the License & Design Collection area, were divided on the subject of traffic. Most were pleased that they didn’t have a lot of buyers walking through their area. But it was a mixed response regarding traffic from manufacturers. Some exhibitors felt it was good and others not nearly what they wanted or expected. Ronnie Walters from Two Town Studios said she was “quite pleased” with their agency having a booth at the show and that on Sunday they couldn’t even get a lunch break.

Another factor in traffic, besides quantity, is quality of attendees. The exhibitors tended to agree, that those who made the effort to find the License & Design Collection area were excellent prospects and really interested in doing business. I heard from more than one agent that the show was so positive because they were able to meet new and different manufacturers. Julie Newman, President of Jewel Branding & Licensing, said that the “overall traffic was pretty good and I connected with people (manufacturing prospects) that I wouldn’t have otherwise met.” She also liked being able to shop the International Gift & Home Furnishings Market for design and product trends.

In general, I found the show to be very upbeat. Every manufacturer and rep group I spoke to was pleased, or even thrilled, with traffic at the show and how many orders were being written. Hopefully the positive mood of the manufacturers will then mean more business and royalties down the road for artists who persist through these tough economic times.

Clearly many artists and agents will be waiting to see if they close deals from this show, as well as, what the show management will do to improve the attendance and location issues prevalent this year. If you attended the show or had a booth and I didn’t get to call you, feel free to send me an email and I’ll post your comments…

Sincerely, J’net



2 responses

22 03 2012
Jane cuddy

Do you offer a list of vendors. I was unable to attend the show and am very interested in finding the perfect textile for several projects. I’m new to this and need information.

12 05 2012

The best list of vendors (i.e. various industry manufacturers) comes from – hope that helps. J’net

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