Surtex and Stationery Show 2010 Obsrvations

20 05 2010

Surtex and Stationery isles were certainly not jam packed, but I noticed a profoundly new optimism this year. Those I spoke to at Surtex were pleased with the quality of leads they were getting and while you always want more, they were okay with the quantity too. I heard agents say they were absolutely getting deals with art designs in their booths, as well as serious leads to follow up on. The buzz was that manufacturers are buying art now, certainly with closer deadlines than usual so that puts pressure on agents and artists. Those artists who can fulfill manufacturer needs by pulling something from their portfolio and adapting it, or creating something new to order, will certainly benefit in these economic times. Make sure those you speak with know your abilities to meet deadlines.

I enjoyed speaking to more than 150 exhibitors and attendees at Surtex this year, and I’m pleased to meet so many of you at those events and the Art of Licensing Yahoo Group gathering. If you have specific questions, register and send them in now for tomorrow’s Free Friday Q&A. Don’t forget that next week on is the Maximizing Surtex and PR or Art Licensors with Regina Cooper, who writes for Stationery Magazine, Art Buyer and other top industry publications.

Tomorrow’s blog will have more about Surtex.



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