Not Just Another ‘One of Those Days’

31 12 2010

It’s the time of year for Clearance Sales and New Year’s Resolutions. However, I suggest you carve out some time to think about ‘completion.’ I like the idea of celebrating the things we’ve completed and done well this year, before getting overwhelmed with our next year’s planning.

So I encourage you to make a short list (or long) of the items that got completed in your world this year. And ask yourself, ‘How did your personal and family accomplishments relate to your success in business and art licensing?’ These days our daily lives are often so complex and intertwined that celebrating the completion of medical tests, moving, or some other life event may very well open doors for your future licensing plans and success. And how did you handle obstacles and challenges?

Write down your accomplishments and then ‘check in’ to see how you feel about them being done. What are you most proud of about 2010? What do you have to celebrate in finishing these accomplishments: peace of mind, extra time, feeling better, more resources, or what? And how did you achieve them? I believe it’s very important to acknowledge those who have helped you most in living a fulfilling life. I’d love to share your comments and stories here. I know that actually doing this exercise will inspire some new thinking, as it’s done for me. Then once you have finished celebrating the little and big successes of 2010, you can begin to think about next year. Stay tuned for lots of information to help you with that. Looking forward to connecting with you more in 2011!

Today’s Featured Artist is Kathy Dennis of Katydid Creative, who is a talented designer, art licensor and humor writer.



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