Questions For The New Year…

29 01 2011

So how is your business going?  Is it going in the direction you want?  Have the plans and efforts of last year been accomplished?  Has the time and money you spent on agents, lawyers, trade shows and workshops created the success and profit you expected and hoped for? Have you been doing all you can and getting the right assistance at the right time? And most importantly, what is the game plan for 2011?  If you are happy with where you are and the path you are taking, then fabulous! If not, then remember you cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

Ask yourself this question. Can you, on your own, improve your business right now? What would it take to improve and change your business today, this week and this year?  If you already know what would improve your business, is there a reason you aren’t doing it? Do you need answers that you just don’t have? Do you think you are more afraid of failing or of success?  What would happen if you applied what you already know to your business or got those badly needed answers? Where would that take you?  Where would you land?

If you haven’t done the things you planned for 2010, will you do them in 2011? Are you willing to commit to those items—research them; learn them; do them? Are you still reading?  Are these questions valuable? Do we get as much from questions as we do from information and ideas? I think the answer is BOTH!

I believe there is plenty of advice we can give and get, especially at the beginning of the New Year. However, perhaps we need to tune in and listen to what we already know and actually act on it.  Preparing and executing our own plan will eventually lead you down a new path. And every path leads you to: a) things you have never done before b) stuff you don’t know and c) what you really need to learn or get help with to achieve your true goals.

If you are truly passionate about art licensing, then are you willing to ask for the help you need to reach your goals? And where is your time and money best spent?  As with anything, when faced with a question you don’t know the answer to, or a new fork in the road, do as much as you can and then find those who do know the answers and are willing to help you without wasting your valuable time and money. And make sure you can get the help you need in the time frame you need it!

In the end, it is not just the answers, but also the questions are an invaluable part of your path, whatever road you choose.



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