A Retail Renaissance?

28 09 2011

Once again the folks at Trendwatching.com have made sense of why those of you who want products in the marketplace should be paying attention to the retail world. I couldn’t say it better:
“No matter what consumer-driven industry you’re in, the latest developments in retail and shopping need to be on your radar. After all, retail is about that very crucial moment that consumers actually PURCHASE your goods and services in person. If that isn’t worth half an hour of your time, we don’t know what is 😉

So click the link above to read about the trends in retail that will get you thinking about what art and designs will really capture the manufacturer’s attention and this new breed of shopper.

For further fodder, consider our latest Intermediate level audio courses–Manufacturer’s Mindset, taught with Current veteran Dana Grignano, will give you the “insider” perspective, needs and desires of those manufacturers you are selling to; and our upcoming live TelEvent on October 18th, Doing More Deals, will cover more intricate sales strategy and negotiation skills.  I’ve got lots of information and techniques to share, so give it a try!



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