Letter From An Artist

10 11 2011

I want to share the wonderful letter I received this week from a client. This artist, whose name I withheld, not only gets the big picture, but was able to reiterate the process back to me so articulately. I just know that there are others’ reading my blog who will benefit greatly from reading these words:

Good morning, J’net,

I just wanted to touch bases with you and let you know how things are progressing. I am still waking up diligently at 4 a.m. every morning to try to eek out time to work on my art licensing endeavor. Although I have preliminary sketches done of 16 complete surface design collections (9 images in each collection), the art has not been finalized. I’ve also had to further invest in a few books about digital surface design as well as a few reference books on the history of textile design to further my education base. However, with so many images being stock-piled, I also came up with a naming convention/matrix as we discussed to keep track of the collections and product categories.

I have changed direction in the last couple of months to work on my brand/identity/logo…which has proven to be harder and more time-consuming than all the other tasks combined. I ended up referencing a great book called “The Brand Called You,” which has been extremely helpful. That, combined with the information gathered from our initial meeting, has allowed me to really get a concise picture of who I am and how my art/goals need to work in collaboration with my brand. I have now moved on to creating the preliminary sketches for my web presence and from there will return to compiling the final images for my collections. Once I am closer to wrapping up this set of collections, I will build my site and then begin focusing on compiling my list of manufacturers. At that point, I will definitely be in contact with you again to get your opinion on what I’ve accomplished before I begin contacting manufacturers.

There’s still quite a lot of work to do, I’ve yet to create border/stand-alone elements for collections nor have I begun using my designs on the mock-up templates. However things are progressing nicely considering the amount of spare time with which I have to work. More importantly, I am still enamored of the process and am eagerly looking forward to the time where I can present my work to the world.

Notes: I have read ‘The Brand Called You’ and thought it was a really good book, as well.



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