Rule #20

22 12 2011

Create art you love, but make sure it meets a market need.

It’s wonderful to create whatever you want, whenever you want.  But art licensing is a commercial business that is directed toward fulfilling consumer needs.

If you can create art that you love, while seeing where it fits in the marketplace—then your art will be more appealing to manufacturers. Art that meets a need in the marketplace and solves a manufacturer’s challenge will get licensed. It’s going to generate more excitement and more sales, as well as provide you with greater revenue potential in the art licensing business.

Stretch your creativity and see where it takes you. But to be as successful in art licensing try to find balance between creating art you that you love and art that meets a need in the marketplace.

–Thanks for joining me on this journey through the 20 Rules of Art Licensing…see you in the New Year! J’net



2 responses

1 01 2013
Bridget Watson


28 12 2011
Mary Beth

I enjoyed the 20 rules!

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