12 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2012

3 01 2012

When evaluating your year-end business results and projecting for the New Year, don’t forget to look at current and emerging trends.  In my blog yesterday, Easy Two-Step Business Plan for 2012, I asked the question: “What trends do you expect for 2012 that will affect your business negatively and positively?”  Exploring the latest trends will change the way you think about your art and business. And new thinking is almost always good!

One of the best ways to learn about trends is to connect with trendwatching.com and their latest trend briefing 12 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2012.  It’s an eye-opener.  Just reading down the list I can already imagine many new ways that art will express these trends for consumers and show up on products.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the report, in which I see a direct relationship to art licensing:

“…brands that behave more humanly, including exposing their flaws, will be awesome” and

“…younger consumers in almost every market will embrace brands that push the boundaries. Expect frank, risqué or non-corporate products, services and campaigns from emerging markets to be on the rise.”

One of the challenges of being ahead-of-the-curve and on-trend is the process of interpreting the trends themselves and seeing how they relate to consumers and then translating that into art for licensing.  Again, I will refer to the experts at trendwatching.com who understand this problem and have come up with 15 Trend Tips which are all about moving beyond looking at trends to actually interacting with them.  I recommend reading this section, even more than the trends themselves, so you can learn how to translate, discern, engage, experience, show, express and apply trends in your everyday life and in your art licensing business!  Make it your 2012 must read, and sign-up to receive their free trend briefings.



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