Consumer Choice Award–Vote for Your Favorite Greeting Card Today

26 05 2012
My friend and colleague Andy Meehan is the Strategic Chair for the LOUIE Awards – the ‘Oscars’ of the greeting card industry, who has initiated many improvements and changes to this industry program over the past 2 years.
From Andy: “Did you know that starting in 2011 the LOUIE’s began requesting the artist/writer/manufacturer information from the publishers submitting cards for the LOUIE Awards and that when provided, we publish that information on the LOUIE display, in the program and other material featuring the nominated cards and winning cards!
We believe that ultimately the Consumers Choice award will start to influence choices of cards and demand from Consumers who in every other consumer goods industry purchase Award winning products (i.e. Oscars, Emmy’s, Booker Prize, Caldicott Awards etc., etc.)
Now, for the first time ever the LOUIE Awards via it’s Facebook page is allowing consumers to vote and create a Consumers Choice winner selected from this years winners.

Please share this opportunity to vote in the awards with your friends, family and professional contacts:

Voting ends on May 31 so please vote and/or share right away. ”

There are some really fun and amazing cards here, so enjoy viewing them and voting!  And please post this link on your Facebook page, blog or send it to friends via email.  Let’s make sure that greeting cards stay relevant through our networks of consumer fans.  I personally would really miss them, if we didn’t have paper cards any more.



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