Awesome October Classes

24 09 2012

I’m back with an ‘Awesome October’ of classes scheduled and wanted to share it with you today. If you have animation, television, movie and product licensing dreams for your character concepts then this is your chance to learn from a fantastic businessman, creative dude and teacher, Michael Fry, who co-created Over the Hedge (with partner T.Lewis).  Michael and I are joining forces to teach ‘Building Character: How to Cash In On Your Characters Without Losing Your Soul. ’This is the first webinar in All Art Licensing’s Worldwide Creators’ Intensive Series for Fall 2012/Winter 2013.  These courses are designed to bring top names,  highly qualified speakers, to creators around the globe.  We will specialize in providing detailed, immediately useful, information at a price nearly any artist can afford. These are always online events (webinars) so you can attend from anywhere, ask questions, and download the course and presentation soon after the live event for further study.  You never need to worry about missing one spec of valuable information. And of course, it’s time for another Free Friday, Ask J’net Q&A, so read on…there is something here for everyone.

Ask J’net Q&A – Friday, October 5, 2012 9AM PDT (12 Noon EDT)

Join me for our next, wildly popular Q&A class, where you have the opportunity to tap into my knowledge,  experience and brainpower.  This one hour class is a ‘live’ phone event where you provide the questions and I provide the answers – for FREE! Below I’ve listed just a fraction of the questions I’ve answered over the years.  So sign-up today and don’t forget to send in your questions on your registration form!

  • How do you organize a licensor’s web site to appeal to manufacturers?
  • As an artist, do I need a blog?
  • How risky is it to do spec work?
  • When signing licensing deals, should a press release be done for each company?
  • If I don’t like doing borders and patterns, can I just do stand alone images?
  • What are the traits to look for in a good manufacturing partner?
  • What design and theme trends will be seen on product this year?
  • How do I get started in art licensing?
  • What are private label products?
  • What would be the first 5 questions I ask a manufacturer, if they express interest in using my artwork for licensing?
  • How do I negotiate a royalty with a major manufacturer that wants to pay a flat fee?
  • When I copyright a “collection” of designs under one copyright, are they all covered?
  • When creating seasonal art, how far in advance are manufacturers shopping for it?
  • How can I determine if I need an agent or not?

Introduction to Art Licensing – Sponsored by the Graphic Artists Guild – Wednesday, October 10th 11:00 AM PDT (2:00 PM EDT)

A great class for those thinking about or entering the art licensing field. Learn about how art licensing works in this live webinar — which is FREE for Graphic Artists Guild Members. It will cover the fundamentals of art licensing and provide insights to help you determine where you fit into this business. I will teach the art licensing process, timelines, today’s artist requirements and challenges that are to be expected, as well as valuable information on retailers, the agent/artist relationship, and much more. If you are already a ‘Guild’ member, you can sign up on their site for free, or become a member to take advantage of other benefits and then register.  All registration for this event is being graciously handled by the Graphic Artists Guild. Awesome-thank you! Register here.

Worldwide Creators’ Intensive – Building Character: How to Cash In On Your Characters Without Losing Your Soul

Mon-Wed, October 15 -17, 2012 (6+ hours of training—register before 9/30 and it’s only $85)

Taught by: Michael Fry, Co-Creator ‘Over the Hedge’ and Creator ‘Committed’ (Bio) and J’net Smith of All Art Licensing / DILBERT Marketer (Bio)

They say content is king. But the truth is that viewers and readers fall in love with characters, not content. Whether it’s a novel, graphic novel, comic strip, web comic or web animation, characters are what attract loyal fans and licensors. Audiences want to own and share a piece of what they love, whether it’s a T-shirt, a plush toy or a major motion picture. But how do you get your character from the page or screen to the store or theater? Build an audience and licensors will come, right? Yes, that’s part of it. But there’s more — a lot more to making sure your characters get the best shot at becoming household names.

Please join the co-creator and writer of the Over the Hedge comic strip, Michael Fry, and I for a 6 hour webinar held  over three-days that will guide you through the intersection between art and commerce to best develop and market your characters to their maximum potential. The live seminar includes an extensive downloadable audio and PowerPoint presentation that outlines each step in the process from creation, publication and brand building to promotion and licensing for television and film. You can learn more, register or see the  daily schedule for Building Character online or click here for a printed version of our Worldwide Creators’ Intensives for Fall 2012/Winter 2013.



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