37 Things A Trade Show Booth Does

26 06 2013

I ran across this great article from Skyline, one of the leading manufacturers of trade show booths.  37 Things a Trade Show Booth Does is a great list of things to keep in mind, when creating your next, or first, trade show booth.

I will say that for those new to trade shows, numbers 1-26, which I’ve included here, are the most important. Please follow this link and read the entire article written by Mike Thimmesch.

  1. Build, enhance, reposition and maintain your brand
  2. Support your booth staff
  3. Generates leads
  4. Be seen from a distance
  5. Communicate quickly
  6. Stop attendees
  7. Help attract qualified attendees
  8. Promote your benefits
  9. Announce your product markets
  10. Break your company into new markets
  11. Tell your story
  12. Host a presentation
  13. Provide meeting space
  14. Display your products
  15. Introduce your new products
  16. Recruit new employees
  17. Advances the buying cycle
  18. Host a press conference
  19. Make a statement
  20. Reinforce a themed message
  21. Answers questions
  22. Store your staffer’s stuff, plus promotions, supplies and electronic gear
  23. Facilitate dialog
  24. Scare your competitors
  25. Reinforce business partnerships
  26. Welcome customers

These not only read like goals and objectives in a marketing plan; that’s exactly what they are!  I think you should re-read this awesome list and make sure that your emails, marketing pieces, sales sheets and all business communication, including your trade show booths, are achieving as many of these goals as possible.

When creating your own booth, make sure you imagine the space and the various functions that will be necessary inside the booth and those that are critical from the perspective of walking down the isles.  This will help you with your sizing, communication, positioning, organization and more.  I know several artists who actually map out the exhibit booth space on the floor in their office, so they can walk inside it and really get a ‘feel’ for the size and where things should go.

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