Seven New Art Marketing, PR and Licensing Classes, and the First One’s FREE

28 10 2013

CREATORSLOGO-2_3-smallI don’t often write my blog strictly about my classes, but since I have so many new courses coming up in the next month, and I am also actively seeking new appropriate Affiliate Partners, I thought I would let everyone know about all of the exciting new opportunities. Next week my blog will return to its ‘regularly scheduled’ format.

If you have never taken a class from All Art Licensing’s Worldwide Creators’ Intensive series, then you won’t yet know the level of professionalism and detail that goes into every course.  In fact, we call them ‘Intensives’ because of the amount of valuable information that we jam into each class.  And we are dedicated to making them affordable.

This fall, to make it easier to find what you need, I have identified each class specifically for the Emerging (Beginner) or Established (Intermediate) Artist.  Also, the Emerging Artists’ 4-Part Professional Art Licensing Series has been completely updated and expanded for 2014!

Two of the new classes are addressing critical topics of interest for Established Artists.  On November 7th, I am thrilled to be working with Sheila Meehan, of the Meehan Design Group, to offer you ‘Developing Marketable Art Licensing Portfolios that Sell!‘Smart Creative Women with Monica Lee’ just posted a taped interview with Sheila, so if you want to hear more about her the class, I suggest you click here to listen in. Sheila has so much to share that I’m also interviewing her as well this week.

On November 20th, I’ll be teaching ‘Today’s PR and Promotion Essentials for Art Licensors.’ This class will share loads of PR techniques and tips, all for Artists looking to gain media exposure, which they can then leverage for increased brand awareness and sales.

As always, I am offering a FREE class just for registering.  You sign up for the ‘Ask J’net Q&A’ and provide your own specific art marketing or art licensing question(s) and I’ll provide the answers on November 6th in a one-hour live event, starting at 9:00 am PST/12:00 noon EST.

Below I have listed all of the fall classes, dates and prices.  If you are interested, the link for more information, times and registration is here: AAL Class Schedule

11/6/13    – Ask J’net Q&A FREE

11/7/13    – Developing Marketable Art Licensing Portfolios that Sell! $129

11/12/13  – Art Licensing Essentials (Part 1 of The Professional Art Licensing Series) $30

11/12/13  – Art Licensing Collections & Presentations (Part 2 of The Professional Art Licensing Series) $50

11/13/13  – Art Licensing Marketing & Sales Techniques (Part 3 of The Professional Art Licensing Series) $50

11/13/13  – Art Licensing Negotiations & Contracts (Part 4 of The Professional Art Licensing Series) $50

11/20/13  – Today’s PR & Promotion Essentials for Art Licensors $99

All of these classes are live webinars, so you can ask questions. If you can’t make the specific Date/Time, you can register and review it on your own with the complete audio and PowerPoint presentation, which will be distributed to attendees the following day. Please call if you have questions about any of the courses. I’d also like to hear about what classes you’d like to see offered in the coming year.



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