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9 11 2013

CREATORSLOGO-2_3-smallThis week I’m full of enthusiasm after having just completed two new classes (with fantastic reviews), and with four coming up this week.  The Worldwide Creators’ Intensives, the training arm of All Art Licensing that has more than 30 classes and events specifically designed to provide detailed and expert training in the areas of licensing and marketing at an affordable price, is offering next week the most valuable Professional Art Licensing courses available in the marketplace.  I hope you will read some of the many testimonials that our classes have received.

The four-part Professional Art Licensing Series grew out of our original courses and have been fully updated and expanded for 2014.  It is designed for all creators looking to start or to establish a licensing business. Whether purchased separately, or with the series discount, these classes create a well-rounded and essential education in art licensing for the emerging business artist, cartoonist, graphic designer, animator, or fine artist. Those attending the live events will be able to get their questions answered directly. However, you DO NOT need to be present to attend the courses—a complete PowerPoint Presentation and MP3 Audio File will be provided to everyone who registers. Having these complete files is a great benefit, even for those attending the live event, because we are known for providing so much detailed information, that most attendees need and want to listen to the classes several times in order to absorb all of the information.

Here is the registration link, and I’ve also listed all the class details below:

WWCI 1 – Art Licensing Essentials

Date: November 12, 2013

Time: 9:00 am PST/12 noon EST

Duration: 1.5 hours including Q&A

Price: $30

In the first class of this four-part series, you’ll learn about the art licensing industry, how it actually works in the real world today, plus all the fundamentals serious artists must know to create a profitable business. It covers:

  • insights to help you determine where you fit into this business
  • the art licensing process
  • product categories
  • timelines (how long does it take to make money)
  • artist requirements
  • challenges that are to be expected (& pitfalls to avoid)
  • distribution channels and retailers, and
  • agent/artist relationship.

This course is the best possible launch pad for your art licensing business.

WWCI 2 – Art Licensing Collections & Presentations

Date: November 12, 2013

Time: 12:00 noon PST/3:00 pm EST

Duration: 2 hours including Q & A

Price: $50

In the second class of this four-class series, you’ll learn how to create the collections and presentations that will set you apart and get your art noticed by manufacturers and retailers. This course covers how to:

  • develop your marketing strategy
  • define your target audience
  • research manufacturers
  • understand important licensing perspectives (that of the manufacturer/retailer vs. the artist/brand owner)
  • create professional collections
  • develop presentations
  • create pitch letters and
  • organize and write effective websites.

Do not try to navigate the licensing industry without taking this detailed beginner’s course!

WWCI 3 – Art Licensing Marketing & Sales Techniques

Date: November 13, 2013

Time: 9:00 am PST/12 noon EST

Duration: 2 hours including Q & A

Price: $50

In the third class of the four-part series, you’ll learn about successful sales strategies for approaching agents, manufacturers and retailers with your artwork, designs and characters. This course will cover how to:

  • create your sales tool kit of essential skills
  • understand the licensing sales process
  • find your retail fit
  • develop sales leads
  • write sales letters
  • communicate with manufacturers and
  • sell yourself to a prospective manufacturer or agent.

Whether you want to find an agent or represent yourself, this class provides more than enough detailed information to get you started, and then some!

WWCI 4 – Art Licensing Negotiations and Contracts

Date: November 13, 2013

Time: 12:00 noon PST/3:00 pm EST

Duration: 2 hours including Q & A

Price: $50

In the final class of this four-class series, you’ll learn how to negotiate and navigate the almighty licensing contract with confidence. Utilizing real life examples, J’net teaches:

  • the essential contract elements
  • protecting the rights to your art and business,
  • generating maximum income,
  • learning industry royalty rates
  • recognizing common mistakes
  • negotiation techniques
  • how to evaluate an offer and
  • when to sign a deal AND when not to.

Do not sign or negotiate contracts (with manufacturers or an agent) without knowing the information that this class provides!

We offer all 4 live fall classes, more than 6 hours of training, for only $129 (scroll to the bottom of the ‘schedule’ page).

And just one more class, I’d like to mention:

Today’s PR and Promotion Essentials for Art Licensors

Date: November 20, 2013

Time: 12 noon PST / 3 p.m. EST

Duration: 2 hours including Q&A

Price: $99

This class is for the emerging and intermediate level art licensor, those who both have agents and are working solo.  Join me for a comprehensive course that moves you from wondering how to get the word out about your business to managing your own press and promotions (or understanding how to manage your PR agency or agent, if they handle your press).

These classes will be taught live from beautiful Sedona, AZ. PIctured: Coffee Pot Rock

These classes will be taught live from beautiful Sedona, AZ. PIctured: Coffee Pot Rock

The class will teach you how to:

  • develop your goals and create your own press plan
  • create targeted press lists
  • write effective press releases
  • build a press kit (and your brand)
  • determine priorities within Social Media, press and promotions
  • PR mistakes to avoid
  • plus 15 HOT press tips to turn up the HEAT!

The goal is for you to understand the PR tactics that will gain you exposure and build your brand and business.  This course will include more than 50 slides with guidelines and visual examples that relate to the licensing industry.

Hope you will join me in class soon for a real learning adventure!  I love questions, so get your brains percolating…



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