MAKE 2014 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER — 9 Tips for Tackling Your Biggest Business Fears

22 01 2014

2014 business plan circleA few years ago I created a blog that shared how to create an easy 2-part business plan, just by asking and answering key questions. This year I am updating that information for you, because it is still as relevant today as it was then!

To make 2014 your best year ever, I recommend you adopt a new and courageous theme for your New Year: FEAR NOT. I have chosen this theme because while business is percolating and growing slowly, the one thing I have found that is tying together all of those people contacting me with new (and old) issues is ‘fear.’  

Below I have a challenge for you and nine tips for tackling your biggest business fears, followed tomorrow by the questions you need to ask yourself (AND ANSWER) to develop your own business plan for 2014. This is a lot to cover in one week, let alone one year, but I know you can do it. Even if you grab one new action item from these ideas, your New Year will be better than it would have been.

Challenge Yourself to Tackle Your Biggest Business Fears

Look at your strengths and weaknesses and challenge yourself.  It’s easy to identify and work on your strengths, but to face your weaknesses and try to fix them is a big challenge. It creates stress and inaction in everyone.

Does your strength and weakness list look something like this?

Strengths Weaknesses
Developing new art Finding an agent, or requesting updates/progress reports from current agent
Creating collections Asking for help
Talking to friends about the business Reviewing contracts/negotiating
Sending collections to current clients; fulfilling client needs ?????

To really grow you have to face those fears and find small ways to move forward and create action. With this new type of movement, you can then anticipate and achieve real (BIG) changes in 2014. So face the million reasons you ‘can’t,’ and find just one thing you ‘can’ do to face what you have been avoiding. If it takes connecting with or hiring someone (friend, coach, agent, etc.) to help you move out of your comfort zone, then figure out a way to do it. Most of the time we are simply standing in our own way because of fear.  Don’t let fear get you in 2014; let fear power you and drive you to new levels of accomplishments.DO NOT FEED THE FEARS

1)    Acknowledge your biggest business fear—write it down and name it.

2)    Define the fear—what is its history or source, its triggers, sphere of influence and limitations, and how does it affect you most?

3)    Imagine the best possible outcome—visualize great results for taking new action(s).

4)    Consider direct confrontation—you can take little baby-steps or a big ‘KA-POW’ of action. I realized many years ago that the person who can’t have difficult conversations won’t be in business very long.

5)    Be prepared to deal with success or failure—if you can imagine the worst and handle it, then any likely outcome will be manageable.

6)    Change the way you think about your fears—if you analyze the source of the fear, or understand why you fear certain outcomes so much, then you are on your way to overcoming the fear.  Try to approach your fear with a new perspective, it’s an opportunity ready to be tackled!

7)    Let the fear become passion—fear holds lots of energy, which can be positive or negative. Take that energy and put it into positive action…even if it’s one baby-step. Now your fear is fueling positive change.

8)    Don’t let the momentum slide—once you have started, stick with it to the end.

9)    Celebrate your victories—this is a big deal, and if you do it your business will never look the same again (and I guarantee you will never look back with regrets!).

(Watch for tomorrow’s blog…MAKE 2014 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER — Two-Step Business Plan for 2014)



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