Answers Your SURTEX Questions THIS WEEK!

12 05 2014

I know many people are ready to pack up and ship out to SURTEX this week. Whether you are a new or experienced exhibitor or attendee, you can get your last-minute questions answered about SURTEX this week.  Just ask your questions and listen in to the live broadcast to hear the answers.

This week’s Ask J’net Q&A will, as always, be answering any of your questions, but will be giving priority to any questions concerning SURTEX.  Here are a few questions that have already come in, that I’ll be answering during the one-hour session:

  • Is it appropriate to ask an agent for a business card at SURTEX if they are not otherwise engaged in a conversation?
  • I’m exhibiting for the first time and don’t know how to start a conversation with the manufacturers who will come to my booth. What should I say?
  • I’m trying to decide whether to attend both SURTEX and LICENSING EXPO, or just one of them.  What are the things I should consider most when making the decision.
  • I have actually gotten caught off-guard by manufacturers trying to negotiate at my booth after seeing my art. I know this is a great problem to have, but how do I negotiate ‘cold’ like this?

The Ask J’net Q&A is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 14th at 12 noon PDT (3:00 pm EDT). At the bottom of the registration page is a place to type in your question.  I will do my best to answer all questions asked within the hour-long phone session. After you register, you will receive the dial in number & access code the day before the class on May 13th. Please register here (it’s completely free; no credit card ever needed). As I am already getting so many questions about the show, this seems like a great idea and should be a lively and very interesting class.

Also on Wednesday, May 21st from 12-2pm PDT (3-5pm EDT), I will be holding my fully updated and new Character Licensing course for those of you interested in learning how to market and license your characters successfully. This is a great class, packed full of useful and practical information. The cost is $60. You also don’t have to attend the live event to be able to have your questions answered and to recieve the full audio and PowerPoint presentation. Please click here for more information or to register.



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