A World of Manufacturers and Potential Licensing Deals

18 06 2014

It’s day two of Licensing Expo and we’re hearing a lot of great stories from individual exhibitors and attendees about the show.  Today I’m sharing the types of leads that some of the exhibitors are getting because I think everyone would be interested to hear about the diversity of manufacturers that are attending the show.

Bren Bataclan
A debut booth for Bren Bataclan features his paintings of close-up children’s characters. While Bataclan’s ultimate contact at Licensing Expo would be a computer animated series development, he has been approached by some very interesting prospects.
“Two different U.S. licensing agents came by, and I had some possible licensees for luggage, cakes, beverages and healthy snacks, which are all exciting, but maybe the most interesting contact was for a children’s skin care product line. Kind of like Clinique for kids. I’d never thought of that category before. I like that idea,” Bataclan said.

Bren Bataclan

Bren Bataclan

Tacky People –
Donna Meistrich and Terry Blumberg’s Tacky People company in the Art+Design Zone at Licensing Expo is a fun and refreshing expression of unity and diversity. Today they are on a mission to bring gigantic smiles to more faces with their line of fun and wacky Tacky People. Based on reactions from friends and product sales, Meistrich and Blumberg decided to exhibit this year at the Licensing Expo and share their collection of more than 50 images and sayings, plus characters ready to develop for animation and publishing. “The most interest in our property has been from cartoon animation companies,” Meistrich explained. “Also pin and magnet manufacturers, as well as a cruise ship merchandising company, which all are a perfect fit.

Donna and Terry greet those interested in 'Tacky People'

Donna and Terry greet those interested in ‘Tacky People’

Donna Meistrich and Terry Blumberg license 'Tacky People'

Donna Meistrich and Terry Blumberg license ‘Tacky People’

Storaro Collection –
In the early 80’s, 3-time Oscar winner for cinematography (Apocalypse Now, Reds and The Last Emperor) Vittorio Storaro, developed his double impression film technique. Extending into licensing, Storaro’s collection of famous architecture with related statue image doubles into distinctive licensed pieces.
“We’ve gotten leads for  luggage and aprons. These are perfect contacts we’ve made at this show, and we are very impressed with the interest we’ve received in the apparel category, including  women’s leggings. That is a terrific extension for our brand,” Alan Alberoni said.

Giovanni Storaro pictured here in front of his father's portrait.

Giovanni Storaro pictured here in front of his father’s portrait.

And here’s a little bit of news about our attendee ‘matchmaking’ service at the Art + Design Resource Center.



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