More Updates from Our Art+Design Exhibitors at Licensing Expo

18 06 2014

With a combination of cool typography, empowering quotes and timeless, colorful doodle art, GirlNation wants to take over LicensingNation.
Co-President Vicki De Roeck, said, “The categories are limitless with the right partners. GirlNation can really be found in every department in a department store because it’s an overall lifestyle brand. At the show, we’ve had a lot of interest in room decor, specifically girl’s bedroom rugs, name boards and wall art, as well as scrapbooking storage and accessory products.” As far as the overall experience at Licensing Expo, Co-President, Deb Dittmer praised, “We never expected the assistance and helpful information we’ve received from our neighboring booths and other exhibitors. Everyone at Licensing Expo seems so willing and authentic to help us succeed.”

Here’s a bit more from GirlNation:

Pop the Balloon™
While his creation might look like it belongs in Vegas at Circus Circus, not Manadalay Bay, the site of this year’s International Licensing Expo, Carlos Neville and his new Pop the Balloon™ property is definitely in the right place. Neville, a former circus performer with a formal education from the School of Visual Arts in New York, took his talents and blew up a story about a red boy balloon and his dog, Helium. Pop bursts onto the scene in his debut at the Licensing Expo. “I thought Pop would start out with stationery and publishing, but I’m pleased with all of the interest in the toy and premium promotional item categories,” Neville said.

Pop the Balloon

Pop the Balloon

Scott Christensen Seascapes

The seascape paintings of Scott Christensen arrive all the way from Australia looking to license a natural flow of categories such as beach towels, bath mats and shower curtains. Knowing that his seascapes sell well in galleries and as acrylic reprints, Christensen has chosen 50 of his seascapes that lend themselves well to a host of licensed categories. Christensen explained, “Since I’m in Australia, I’m looking for a U.S. licensing agent at this show and I’m showing examples of how the art looks on products such as towels, surfboards, beach tents, and other items. I’d like to have an agent represent the seascapes to these products, as well as see their vision to take the designs to other product categories as well.”

Scott Christensen

Scott Christensen

Ellen Crimi-Trent
She has gone to the dogs. In one of the more unique license extensions we’ve seen in the art+design zone, Ellen Crimi-Trent’s art designs have gone beyond her agreements for traditional items such as aprons and stationery, and have entered the pet products arena. An agreement with Yellow Dog Designs has put Ellen’s designs on dog collars and horse harnesses. “They keep selling out. Pet owners are buying them fast. It’s amazing,” Crimi-Trent said. For her Schoolies™, an educational brand with lovable new characters, Crimi-Trent has added the assistance of Knockout Licensing for representation. Already with agreements for publishing, at this year’s show Schoolies expects to meet with toy companies to choose a master toy licensee as well as pursue international licensing representation.

Ellen Crimi-Trent



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