Lots of Buzz Building at the Licensing Expo

9 06 2015

It’s been a busy first day of Licensing Expo. As the first day winds down, the buzz continues to build for both new and iconic properties that are exhibiting here today. Exhibitors seem very enthusiastic about the type of leads they are getting.

We interviewed El Tiburon Grande of Mind Yard who has created a property called Your Faith Looks Familiar. Check out these super heroes that promote diversity and multiculturalism. 

Joan Marie Art that Celebrates

An JoanMarieartist for 45 years and a highly licensed brand in the past, Joan Marie Art that Celebrates is making a whole new splash in licensing at the Expo this year. A new licensing agreement with Air Waves for T-shirts and renewed interest in her explosive splashes of color helped Joan decide to attend her first Licensing Expo. Joan’s style is always bright, colorful and happy. Just like Joan. As she says, “Life is a party, and I celebrate it every day through my art.”  You can get happy at Booth F22.

DINAHDinah booth

After years of talking about it, Dinah Brothers made the leap of faith to follow her dreams of becoming an artist just three years ago. Her first time at the Licensing Expo, her property of the same name, Dinah, is getting favorable reviews. Dinah is a western lifestyle brand that captures the love of cowboy life in bright, bold color. The people who live a western lifestyle incorporate it into every facet of their lives, and Dinah is excited to share her brand with those loyal to western life.  She sees her art almost anywhere, but especially home decor and soft paper goods. Visit Dinah in Booth F21.



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