Licensing Expo Still Strong on Day Three

11 06 2015

Geeh the BandA one-of-a-kind concept that brings fun, positive music and videos to children, Geeh the Band is the only virtual rock band of cool, colorful, fictional characters with two real songs that have made it to the Billboard charts! Created by Alfonso and Ivonne Soto, Geeh the Band is set to release its third album, EVOLVE, this year. One of Geeh’s special property elements is that companies interested in licensing receive the music to offer as a value-add to customers. Licensing partners receive a special code that unlocks videos and music as part of the product purchase. You can rock out with Geeh the Band at Booth U197.


It’s a killer game of tag. Created as a simple game that spreads worldwide and becomes a fast-paced game of life or death, Shawn’s goal is to remind everyone to remember the fun and excitement of childhood games, like tag. After three years of developing and fine tuning her property, Shawna Mills makes her first appearance at Licensing Expo this year. A creator who literally can do it all, Shawna is the artist, designer, writer and animator for her project. With complete outlines for 24 episodes, right now Shawna is producing the animation for the first episodes that will launch on YouTube later this year. BoomtagThere are up to 100 characters that can play this cutthroat game of tag that spans the globe, but Shawna says she’s really just a giant kid at heart who wants to chase people. You can play some tag at Shawna’s Booth V194 or check out –


Only those that have the potential to be happy can see them. They are Nañaritos, which travel the world in dew drops and spread happiness wherever a dew drop breaks. What makes this property unique is the entire cast of characters in the books and stories are bilingual and told in two languages. A rich palette of blues, golds and reds, the Nañaritos brand has been exhibiting at Licensing Expo for four years.NanaritosThe entire look and feel of the concept is based on hand painted canvas characters, where the actual texture of the canvas is part of the visual look. Designer Marion Carro has 64 characters that she has been creating over 23 years, and each character represents a member of her family. Writer Yasmin Rodrigues has written one book with Marion, and they are searching for an agent, as well as meeting with manufacturers for products. You can see samples of potential products for this colorful brand at Booth V185.



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