Winding Down at Licensing Expo Means Loads of Follow-Up for Talented Creators

11 06 2015


Meet Kat Ford, creator of Corpirate. She learned her craft by painting found and industrial objects and then turned them into her stylized art form.

Brainot Baxter and the Vita-Veggie Kids

VeggieVegetables get a bad rap in Marlon Sullivan’s eyes. A teacher with a social services background, Marlon has weaved his love of action and adventure with his need to teach a lesson to kids in this powerfully visual concept. This action-packed property has 10 villains to one hero to play up the “cool” of eating healthy as a way to blow through obstacles and beat the bad guys. Marlon uses the serious issues kids face around nutrition in real life to make the idea of eating well fun. His first year at Licensing Expo and first time to Las Vegas, Marlon, the artist and creator, says he’s very excited about the connections he is making and interest he’s seen in this comprehensive concept. He has created four seasons worth of episodes where characters evolve from a discovery to mastery stage. You can experience the adventure at Booth U192 and on their website.

Pop Picture

HaiyanArtist Haiyan is enjoying her first Licensing Expo this year.  This prolific artist has amazing seascapes, dogs, animals, and sunsets.  Originally from China, she has sold millions of her prints and is now ready to cast her trademark bright colors and nearly photographic style into licensing. You can see her work at Booth C21 or at Art



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