November’s One-A-Day Q&A – Question #4

4 11 2016


november-q-a-finalQ: When I’ve closed licensing deals with two different companies, should a press release be done for each company, or can it be combined into one press release?

A: I do like combining a couple of deals into one press release, if possible.  It’s certainly a more efficient use of your time and you’re more likely to get press exposure when there is a lot happening.  If the media publishes the first one, and you’re doing multiple press releases all in a row, they may just decide not to run the second one.

Spread out your press releases, so you have them launching consistently throughout the year (whether 2x a year or 6x a year) and make every single one as impactful as you can.  You want them to be valuable and informative, in essence—newsworthy!

I have included as many as 4 or 5 deals in one press release. This really makes a statement and builds some excitement, but it can get a bit over whelming and cluttered.  In addition, each licensee (manufacturer or retailer) licensees tends not to get as much ‘play’ or stand out as much.  I’d recommend to 2 or 3 announcements per press release, at the most.

A couple of last thoughts would be:

  1. Make sure that you keep your writing very clear when you’re combining multiple purposes, objectives and/or deals into any press release.
  2. Make sure that you get each licensee’s approval before sending it out to press outlets.  I’ve had a couple of manufacturer licensees who didn’t appreciate being mentioned in the same press release with their competition. Even though they were mutually co-promoting a property, they still didn’t see it as a true ‘team’ venture. Instead, they saw it as a rivalry and it really upset them. I always get everyone’s pre-approval and I do this in plenty of time to avert any problems.



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