November’s One-A-Day Q&A – Question #12

12 11 2016

Q: I have a small amount of collections– there are only six. Should I contact manufacturers without having agent representation?november-q-a-final

A: Yes, it’s OK to contact some manufacturers at this point. Although I think ten collections, or better yet, ten to twelve, is a good number of collections with which to start. You want to have enough that you can show some in your email presentations and still have some left over in your portfolio when the manufacturer or retailer asks to see more. You don’t want to show them everything at once and have them say, “Let’s see what else you have, none of those things work,” and then have nothing else to show them. My point is, you want to make sure that you don’t send everything all at once, or put everything out on your website at once. And to that point, also, make sure that your website is finished before you are doing any soliciting for your licensing business.

Always use the feedback from any phone calls you have, and from emails you receive from manufacturers, to continue developing more collections. Agents, as I’ve mentioned, require quite a large portfolio before they’ll take you on. I think if you’ve decided that you’re going to work independently, and if you have ten collections to start with, you can certainly move forward.




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