November’s One-A-Day Q&A – Question #13

14 11 2016


Q: I have developed a portfolio of very cute animals, no stories, just whimsical animals. Where do you suggest I start trying to license them? 


A: It really depends on your audience and if the whimsical animals are for kids or for adults. You have to start by identifying your target audience. Then develop a list of products that would work well with the images. Make sure to choose products that will allow the characters to live and have space. For example, a pencil doesn’t give a lot of space, but a backpack, t-shirt and blanket do.

Once you have a strategy that includes who your target audience is, and the best products to start with, then you know where to focus your efforts. I always recommend starting with three product categories in which each category may have many specific types of products.  For example, stationery products includes everything from greeting cards and stationery to stickers and notepads (to name a few).

Keep in mind that there are some products, such as wall art and paper products, which are easier to license in the earlier stages. Another important element is to have your whimsical animals available for manufacturers mocked up in designs, including patterns and borders. These designs should highlight your imagery on the manufacturer’s specific type of product, say, infant décor and layette, rather than just offering the characters alone or in scenes. Sometimes including them in designs with holiday themes can help get them on products faster. Just remember, the strategy comes first, then you can determine what would be the best venue for licensing your whimsical animals.





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