November’s One-A-Day Q&A – Question #22

22 11 2016

Q:  I’d like to license my work with one of the most established companies in this business.  I have no time for any actions forward; how can they find me?


A: It is highly unlikely that they will find you. You must market yourself through an agent or through your own efforts to that & other manufacturers. 

This is the whole point of coming up with a marketing plan which includes new collections and attending trade shows where you can get out in front of those manufacturers.

Manufacturers today are inundated with art submissions. I’ve heard from some recently that they receive as many as 100 presentations per day from artists (and that’s just one company). Now don’t let that scare you, it just means you have to got learn how to stand out and make extra effort to get in front of the individuals that are making the decisions. There’s no other way around it.

Remember that at Surtex and The Licensing Expo – you as a creator of an art property or designer – would be in the booth eventually. But definitely not for your first year in attending a show. Walk the booths and get to know people. Networking is key.

Other shows are based on industry or type of products, such as general products, apparel, home décor, gifts, juvenile products and stationery. At these trade events, the manufacturers are in the booth.  These are great places to find your manufacturers and even meet the people who do the licensing. Even if the licensing person isn’t in the booth, you can ask the people in the booth for their name, title and email.

I would recommend attending some of the larger trade shows that I’ve mentioned. If you’re in a major metropolitan area, then it’s not that difficult.  If you live in a more rural area, you’ll have to make some effort. 

But, truly, nothing will help you if you do not have the time for any action forward.  It’s just not going to happen; and that’s true with anything in life.  

You’ve got to find the energy and time, put a plan together and move it forward.  Through the process of directing yourself and getting the necessary guidance from professional agents, coaches, colleagues and others, will help considerably in keeping your plan moving forward. Soon you will see progress in new and exciting ways by becoming a proactive artist.



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