November’s One-A-Day Q&A – Question #23

23 11 2016

Q:  How many pieces in each theme or collection should I present?

A: A good rule of thumb is to create a series of three, four or six central images which you support with coordinating patterns and borders.  A couple of patterns and a couple of borders are fine. november-q-a-final

I find that artists really fine tune their collections when designing products.  This is the stage, after creating the collection elements, when you’re creating mock-ups for manufacturers. As you design the product mock-ups, you may find that one border works better than the others, or two out of the three really tie together nicely with the central images. At this point you throw out the third border, the one that isn’t working (and maybe it will work with another collection sometime).  Less is more.

I recommend leaving out any borders and patterns that didn’t work quite as well as you thought they would. Rather than giving a manufacturer all of these different options, show them what you really think their product should look like. It’s a culling time, to refine and define your best, before presenting the collections to prospective manufacturers.

Give them your best and continue to develop your product designing capabilities. That will take you further in this industry than anything else.  So, leave out those patterns, borders, and extraneous icons (and even central images) that you don’t love or end up using in your designs.

If creating product designs, selling and creating collections is something that you need to learn about, I have two great courses you might want to consider. Both of them have extensive PowerPoint presentations that are between fifty and eighty pages in length, so you are getting very detailed information with plenty of visual examples! Art Licensing Essentials Part 2, is beginner’s video which includes: ‘Collections, Presentations and Websites.’  There is also an intermediate level audio class that I taught with talented designer and agent Sheila Meehan, called: ‘Developing Marketable Licensing Portfolios That Sell.’ Both of these classes are able to be downloaded from the website.





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23 11 2016

Great information!

23 11 2016

Great! thank you for the resources 🙂

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