November’s One-A-Day Q&A – Question #24

24 11 2016

Q: What if a non-profit organization wants to license my artwork.  How can I create an agreement and how do I make money?


A: All too often we forget that giving is the best way to receive bountifully! Hey it’s Thanksgiving Day, so let’s think about ways to give and receive through licensing. Sharing your art and creativity is such a beautiful way to share your ideas and love…and it may bring money or new connections or something totally unexpected.

A licensing agreement can actually dictate anything you want…free or paid use of an image or images, or a specific use, over a limited time period, in a designated territory. You can offer to give a non-profit group access to your art for a logo, magazine, web page, or a print or product as a prize give-away.  Non-profits often don’t have a lot to give in terms of funds, but they do have avid followers, so you might consider creating a licensing agreement that gives you access to their mailing list, an ad on their website or in their newsletter—any or all of the above.  This is especially useful when you have a target audience that matches their membership.

So think about how you can create a win-win for both you and a non-profit you love!




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