November’s One-A-Day Q&A – Question #26

26 11 2016

Q: I’m confused about whether I should be doing a blog or website.  And how do I attract customers, if I have a website for the manufacturers?november-q-a-final

A: It’s easy to get confused with so many options out on the Internet today.  Most blogs for an artist are consumer-oriented, so they might focus on events, new art, your artistic process and thoughts, contests or promotions to entice new customers, etc.  These are all areas that help you build a following for your art.  Certainly a manufacturer might read your blog to get to know you and to see how many followers you have. And, of course, your customers will be interested in knowing what manufacturers you work with and where your products will be available. But in general, I believe manufacturers want to go to an artist’s website to view part of their portfolio and get an idea of where they are in the licensing process. So to answer your question, a blog is an option, but you must have a website.  So either go for a website or a website and a blog. (In tomorrow’s blog, with another questions, I’ll share more about what should be on your website and how to make those decisions.)



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