Create Your Money Map (Marketing Action Plan) DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE

10 01 2017

Let’s start creating our Money MAP (Marketing Action Plan) today, by answering the core questions I will outline in this and a few following blog posts.

“Who is your target audience?” is a core marketing question which you need to answer.  Decide who relates most to your art, men or women?  And what age groups are most compelled to like and purchase your designs?define-your-target-audience-v-2

Feel free to identify primary and secondary core audiences.  But don’t have too many audiences, so that you spread yourself too thin trying to reach a multitude of target audiences.

It’s also important not to fall into the ‘everyone’ trap.  This is where you decide that everyone likes (or should) like your art, so that’s your defined target audience.  It’s a real catch-22 when you try to be all things to all people.  Not only is it impossible to market to such a large audience, you wind up being relevant to no one.

So target a relevant demographic and once you are successful with them, feel free to expand.  But not until you have a foothold with an audience.

I encourage you to find an audience that is: 1) identifiable, 2) reachable and 3) sustainable.  If you are successful in identifying a niche which has all of these three components, and they in-turn identify greatly with your art, designs or character, you are highly likely to be successful.



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