11 01 2017

The next question, which still relates to your target audience is whether you are looking to focus on B2B (Business-to-Business) or B2C (Business-to-Consumer) marketing?  Or both?


These are critical marketing questions, because they will greatly influence your branding, all of your communication, and how you spend your time (or divide it).

As an art licensor, you will want to focus on business-to-business marketing, so that manufacturers and retailers (and perhaps potential agents) can find you in the marketplace.  If you already have product to sell, whether you manufacture yourself or use a print-on-demand format, then you will only sell products if you market to your consumer constituents.

I think marketing to both is more important than ever, since manufacturers really love artists who first and foremost, know their audience and HAVE an existing fan base to which they can market. So clearly BOTH are super important, but I caution you…if you only have the time, energy and funds to market to one, then make a choice.  You will regret trying to be successful reaching both and succeeding at neither, when you could have focused on one and made extensive progress. Focus.



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