13 01 2017

It’s a great exercise to write your own Mission Statement and you’ll be glad you did – once it’s done.  If you have one, I congratulate you! write-your-mission-statement-day-5-final

A mission statement doesn’t need to be a paragraph, if a sentence will do.  Try to incorporate why you are in business, your target audience, what you are selling and your distinction (USP).

If you are one of those who think they don’t need a mission statement, I’d like to suggest that the time and effort put into writing one can help your business grow for several reasons. First, it helps determine your direction; it’s like the North Star or a compass which helps guide your company’s future. Here is how a mission is different from a vision statement; it’s what you must and will do to reach your goal vs. thoughts about your imaged future. Third, it will provide decision-making direction, a framework of sorts for all types of tactics which will keep you on track. Fourth, your mission statement will shape the strategies for reaching goals.  And fifth, when you know where you are going, it makes it easier to evaluate when you are getting off your preferred path, so you can make changes and improvements quickly as necessary.



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14 01 2017

Hi J’net, I love these series!! Thanks for the info. 🙂 Tim

==== Tim Hupkes Art The Importance Of Not Being Earnest


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