17 01 2017

Creating is what artists do.  Creating collections for manufacturers to license is what art licensors do. This is your product. So becoming an expert at developing art licensing collections and putting together a dynamite portfolio is essential to closing licensing deals and generating income.


Whether you want to find an agent, have a great agent or are licensing your art DIY style, make sure to consider these important items when developing your portfolio:

-Create art that sells.

-Have a big enough portfolio to interest agents and manufacturers.

-Create art that works on many types of products.

-Think in terms of colors that are trending and offer a couple of color palettes for each collection.

-Develop art collections that work with a variety of target audiences and embrace traditional and/or popular and cutting-edge themes (depending on your bent in life).

-Be flexible, if someone is interested and suggests changes to your art, carefully consider.

-Offer art that fits with selling-seasons AND giving-occasions.

-Be true to who you are and your own creative process.




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