CREATE YOUR MONEY MAP (Marketing Action Plan)Trade Shows

19 01 2017

Trade shows are marketing events with very specific audiences.

cymm-trade-shows By bringing everyone together in one place, trade shows provide opportunities to meet people you wouldn’t be able to afford to meet if you had to travel all over the U.S., or even the world, or have access to these executive level decision-makers. So think about investing in trade shows when your budget allows, but be sure to work hard on your promotions before the show to ensure that you get the most bang for your budget.

There are trade shows for all types of audiences. Make sure you know, before booking to attend a show, who are the booth exhibitors and who attends the show.  I always recommend ‘walking’ the show as an attendee before you spend the dollars to exhibit, so you can get the lay of the land and check out your competition.

One of the reasons I put trade shows as the first promotional tool, is because they have fixed dates.  This means they need more lead time and planning, so you will want to get them on your calendar for the year as soon as possible.  After you have decided on your trade show events, other promotional tactics can be devised to enhance your trade show experience and results.  On the All Art Licensing website’s resource page, we offer a list of trade shows which are often attended by artists wishing to license their art for a variety of product categories, such as the AmericasMart, International Housewares Show, Licensing Expo and SURTEX.




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