CREATE YOUR MONEY MAP (Marketing Action Plan) Personal Selling

23 01 2017

Wow, I just used the “S” word! Remember that creating art that fills a niche in the marketplace and creates happy faces, laughter and joy in people around the world is just step one.


It still needs to be presented to prospective licensees who might really appreciate being able to license your art to expand their market share and sales.  If step two doesn’t happen, you will never make any money.

To embrace personal selling, which includes sales calls, getting appointments and networking, you need to let go of the image of a used-car salesman (or other iconic ‘pusher’) selling people something that you don’t want. Instead, think about how ‘selling’ is presenting options and offering choices to those in decision-making positions.  XYZ manufacturer has a choice of art to grow his company, but if he doesn’t know about your stunning artwork, you can’t be considered.

Selling, as you have often heard and I will reiterate, is a numbers game.  The more companies you can present to and get your artwork in front of, the better you will do.  It’s time to get your thoughts about selling straight – to not reject selling yourself and your art, but to embrace it.  Also, to not take their rejection personally, but to say, “NEXT!”

  • Take the time to research, grow (and prune) your lead list.
  • Allocate time to follow-up on your newsletters, direct mailings, postcards, or other promotional efforts.
  • Schedule phone appointments when you can’t just ‘catch’ someone.
  • And attend local and national networking events where your B2B and B2C target audience can be found.



2 responses

23 01 2017
Samina Khadam

You are like an angel sent from heaven, what a wonderful blog this is thanks.

24 01 2017

Samina, thanks for your kind words of encouragement. It is always nice to hear them, and know what you are doing makes a difference.

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