CREATE YOUR MONEY MAP (Marketing Action Plan) Social Media

24 01 2017

Social media, I will just go on record as saying, is public relations. But I have separated social media and public relations for our Money MAP exercise, since they require different tools and tactics to implement them.


Social media is has outgrown the ‘maybe’ to the full blown ‘gotta-be-in-it-to-win-it’ stage. So you either commit to doing social media or you stay out of the game and lose that potential connection to manufacturers, colleagues and customers (consumers).

But whatever stage you are at, make a commitment to doing one thing and doing it well.  For example, if you like to jot out notes multiple times a day as you do things, then Twitter is probably a great fit for you.  Once you decide, then stick with it before adding other social media platforms to your daily and weekly roster.  Here are a few tips to incorporate:

  • Tell Stories – let evidence start with a story, because people respond to stories, not data.
  • Be Creative and Artful – tell your stories through all the new tools available, Tumblr and Storify, as well as with video, photos and audio slide shows.
  • Choose the Right Channel – LinkedIn for business, Twitter for broader reach and topics, Facebook can get more personal, Pinterest can showcase collections and products.
  • Be Honest – social media has ushered in the age of transparency.
  • Work together – fuel your efforts by aligning and collaborating with people and organizations who share your same beliefs and causes; sharing hashtags can be a powerful way of rallying around a time critical event.



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