CREATE YOUR MONEY MAP (Marketing Action Plan) Public Relations

25 01 2017

Today public relations experts have a wide variety of ways and platforms in which to share a story.


They divide this new media mix into 3 categories: owned media (your website, email database and social media), earned media (traditional PR stories and articles featured on television, radio, print and electronic venues), and paid media (advertising).  The best media plans incorporate all of them to some extent.  But again, do what you can and do it well.

Once you have some social media exposure, give public relations a try.  Here are a list of the primary art, character and new brand subjects that the press will care about:

Trade – manufacturers & retailers (business-to-business: B2B)

  • New agent/artist agreements
  • Release of new collections
  • New deals between artists and manufacturers
  • New product lines from manufacturers
  • Sales results
  • Industry Events (trade shows & other)
  • Business announcements, promotions, alliances, etc.

Consumers – buyers (business-to-consumer: B2C)

  • New products and product lines
  • Where to find them in stores and online
  • Events (autographing, presentations, etc.)
  • Art shows, galleries



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