New and Old Connections Ignited on Day 2 of Licensing Expo

10 06 2015

Jim Davis cropped setLicensing celebrity sighting alert at the Art + Design Resource Center Booth (C13)! Jim Davis, iconic cartoonist, best known as the creator of the comic strip Garfield, stopped by the booth to catch up with me.  He is excited to be celebrating Garfield’s 37th Anniversary on June 19th, 2015, as well as exploring all kinds of new digital and international deals. Don’t tell anyone, but he brought a plush cat with him–AND IT WASN’T GARFIELD. Jim was so nice, but the cat was grumpy.

supapopyesSean Danconia is an old soul. He loves everything retro, and really not much of anything after 1979. A 15-year career in design, animation, film, and recently fine art, Sean has taken his love of all things classic to create a universe sealed back in time — SupaPop.  The SupaPop story universe unfolds as a Time-Capsule-Toy city, created and sealed in the 60s in San Francisco. The time capsule is “popped” open in 2016, where a classic version of the city remains unevolved. A city where heroic idealism and a classic positive attitude is rampant, the comic book inspired universe encompasses more than 20 different themes packed with licensing opportunities. You can visit the SupaPop world at Booth V200, or better yet, join him at the Joseph Watson gallery tonight, June 10, at 7:30 pm for the world premiere reception.


kokonuzzBased out of Hong Kong, Kokonuzz is just one of four brands created by Spanish graphic designer, Alexis Bautista. With magnets, headwear, clothing, baby and digital sticker licenses in place from connections made at the Hong Kong Licensing Show, Kokonuzz is attending its first U.S. Licensing Expo to take its brand global. Kokonuzz is comprised of seven characters from different parts of the world who want to be YouTube celebrities. Their YouTube channel and other content follows their struggles towards a goal for stardom. Developed as a true mobile brand with licensing as the focus from the start, Kokonuzz characters live their own reality series, even posting comic strip commentaries to real world problems. Visit Kokonuzz at Booth V198.

Rugrats Creator Moves into a New Age and Other Licensing Expo Highlights

10 06 2015

rugratssplaatRugrats are going Splaat! Arlene Klasky, the co-creator of the 13-year hit Nickelodion cartoon, Rugrats, stopped by the Art + Design Resource Center booth (C15) yesterday to talk about her new project. Joining us with brand manager Megan Pearson, Arlene gave us a little sneak peak into her new property in development, Splaat!  All I can say is it’s great fun…and totally different. Now I’m a two-time fan!

American Posterity

American PosterityAmerican Posterity encompasses three very unique and different intellectual properties being launched at the Licensing Expo. The patented Interchangeable Stimulation Device is a system of cognitively stimulating panels that adhere to any baby or child carrying device. As a child ages the panels can be changed out to new age-appropriate designs. Zini & Friends is a character set that grows along with their kid buddies, morphing as they grow. On the younger side, each character is associated with a different shape, type of music, and language. As they grow, a different occupation, sport and learning style is associated with each character. Lastly, Chimpadoo is a character set that teaches sign language through everyday, hands-on applications, using sign images for things like bibs, plates, and bottles. Developed by Macey Schoen, you can check them all out at Booth E14.

Suzanne Cruise Creative Services Inc. Art Licensing

SuzanneSuzanne Cruise Creative Services Inc. Art Licensing has been coming to Licensing Expo as long as I have! After 20 years pf offering creative art licensing services to artists, Cruise represents 30 individual artists. The agency’s newest property, Sally Ball Sharp, has been very well received as a new and super versatile artist. A few other artists of note represented by Suzanne Cruise is Victoria Hutto, Gail Flores, and Lynnea Washburn.

Properties Getting Ready to Deal on the Second Day of the Licensing Show

10 06 2015

LeeWhat do you get when you cross a biologist and a camera? You get an incredible new art form created all from the glass of a microscope. Biologist turned photographer, Lee Hendrickson, has discovered a new world of photography by growing different crystals (think coffee and wine!) under a microscope and then shining light through the glass and photographing the result. Hendrickson, a career research scientist, author and inventor, uses this process to grow intricate crystal patterns creating a kaleidoscope of multi-dimensional designs. His unique talents caught the eye of Rinekwall, a renowned California-based design company, which teamed with Hendrickson to create a new line of home décor products. 

Jay’s Daughter

Lil BitOne of the few new properties that represent characters of color at Licensing Expo, creator Janeen Uzzell says visitors to her booth are calling the look of The Adventures of Lil’ Bit and Friends “bold.” A series of stories about a 7-year old girl named Lil’ Bit, who goes on wild adventures when she daydreams–while she’s supposed to be doing her homework–Janeen has 10 complete stories already developed. Created from a place of grief when her father died in 2009, Janeen’s stories celebrate her relationship with her Dad, his stories and Janeen’s real world life adventure as an engineer who has lived in Asia, Africa and India. Her goal is for girls and boys to find their own bravery, adventure and openness to new, diverse friends through Lil’ Bit’s love of travel. Not only her first year at Licensing Expo, this is Janeen’s first ever public presentation of her new property. You can visit Lil’ Bit and her friends at Booth D17.

Magic of PoofThe Magic Poof

Another special property with a strong and independent character of color at center stage, The Magic Poof is a book series and animated series in development about a girl with giant, magic hair. Magic hair that is also her best friend. With the first book in the series launched in 2013 and the second last year, creator Stephen Hodges expects an animated short to be completed by fall of this year. His first year at Licensing Expo, you can experience the power of the poof at Booth F15.

Lots of Buzz Building at the Licensing Expo

9 06 2015

It’s been a busy first day of Licensing Expo. As the first day winds down, the buzz continues to build for both new and iconic properties that are exhibiting here today. Exhibitors seem very enthusiastic about the type of leads they are getting.

We interviewed El Tiburon Grande of Mind Yard who has created a property called Your Faith Looks Familiar. Check out these super heroes that promote diversity and multiculturalism. 

Joan Marie Art that Celebrates

An JoanMarieartist for 45 years and a highly licensed brand in the past, Joan Marie Art that Celebrates is making a whole new splash in licensing at the Expo this year. A new licensing agreement with Air Waves for T-shirts and renewed interest in her explosive splashes of color helped Joan decide to attend her first Licensing Expo. Joan’s style is always bright, colorful and happy. Just like Joan. As she says, “Life is a party, and I celebrate it every day through my art.”  You can get happy at Booth F22.

DINAHDinah booth

After years of talking about it, Dinah Brothers made the leap of faith to follow her dreams of becoming an artist just three years ago. Her first time at the Licensing Expo, her property of the same name, Dinah, is getting favorable reviews. Dinah is a western lifestyle brand that captures the love of cowboy life in bright, bold color. The people who live a western lifestyle incorporate it into every facet of their lives, and Dinah is excited to share her brand with those loyal to western life.  She sees her art almost anywhere, but especially home decor and soft paper goods. Visit Dinah in Booth F21.

Art+Design Resource Center, Year 2, and Jill McDonald Design Exhibits for First Time at Licensing Expo

8 06 2015

20150608_174800 (1)The Art+Design Resource Center in Booth C13 will be open for business tomorrow for its second year, as we kick-off the first day of Licensing Expo. There is so much happening at our booth, so here are just some of the resources being offered for Exhibitors and Attendees.

I’ll be posting my blog multiple times a day from the Art+Design Zone of the Licensing Expo. Attendees can view and read the blog on the UBI Advanstar wide-screen monitor in our booth or go online to Licensing Expo’s Show Blog. Included in the blog will be news and interviews with many captivating people from all facets of the industry.

We will be giving away a free ‘Introduction to Art Licensing Essentials – Profits, Promotions and Protection’ class to everyone who visits our booth. This is a comprehensive, nearly 2 hour course, and one of All Art Licensing’s many new, just launched, Worldwide Creators’ Intensive video courses.  We are scheduling appointments for free consultations, as well as helping new and veteran exhibitors in the Art+Design Zone with advice, directions, printing services and a phone charging station. Just as we did last year, manufacturers and retailers can also come and get advice and pointed in the right direction toward creators, artists and designers who will fit their needs.

20150608_174213As I began setting up the Art+Design Resource Center at Licensing Expo today, I was thrilled to see Jill McDonald of Jill McDonald Design is my (across the aisle) neighbor.  Not long ago we met over Skype for what turned out to be a really interesting and fun interview.  I am a big fan of Jill’s art and style, which appeals to kids and especially Moms.Ahoy Ocean

Jill has exhibited at Surtex for 11 years and is now expanding her marketing efforts by exhibiting for the first time at Licensing Expo. This is a longer interview, but it really shows a delightful level of honesty. I know you’ll enjoy learning about her experience with a manufacturer who is doing a line with more than 50 items, her new foray into publishing children’s books and her less-is-more philosophy!

For those of you not attending Licensing Expo this year, let All Art Licensing be your eyes and ears on the show floor, sharing a wealth of information.  Join me.



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