CREATE YOUR MONEY MAP (Marketing Action Plan) Direct Marketing

23 01 2017

When thinking about putting direct marketing on your MAP (Marketing Action Plan) and subsequently onto your calendar, you will want to consider a plan for releasing new collections that you can stick to.


If you are developing collections for a trade show, then perhaps pick 2 or at the most 3 other times during the year to launch your latest work. Your direct marketing should include updating your website, sending sales letters (or emails), and launching direct mail campaigns (electronic or printed) for each wave of new collections created.

You can do your direct mailing campaigns to via a low-cost (Constant Contact) or no-cost (Mail Chimp) email service.  But be aware that if you send a generic piece to an email list, it is likely your email, whether a promotion or a portfolio release will go to their spam folder. Avoid this pitfall by collecting personal names and emails whenever possible. These services can usually get an email into their personal in-box if it includes their name.

Other alternatives include sending individual emails to clients and prospects with one PDF attached or a link to a new section of your online portfolio, as well as the old-fashioned and still impressive (yet wildly more expensive) direct mail piece.

Direct marketing needs to be scheduled so you don’t forget to do it.  Really, it’s one of the most important promotional tools you have at your fingertips. And don’t forget to try and schedule your efforts around the manufacturers’ trade show schedules.


CREATE YOUR MONEY MAP (Marketing Action Plan) Develop Promotions

18 01 2017


A promotion is simply a sales plan, which usually is centered on certain product(s) and is offered for a specific length of time. When I think of promotions, and in the context of art licensing, the plans should include the tools and tactics that you will use to find licensing partners (manufacturers and retailers) and close deals with them to generate income and accomplish your marketing objectives. cymm-develop-promotions

I believe the best marketing tools include trade shows, direct marketing, personal selling, social media, public relations and, if and when possible, advertising. Over the next several installments of the ‘Create Your Money MAP,’ I’ll share some thoughts on each of these promotional tools. Keep in mind that all of these essential promotional tools are so important that I’ve created full classes to teach many of the specific details for each of them.


12 01 2017

The next MONEY MAP question asks: What is your product? Here is where you get to describe exactly what your product is. Are you a designer, illustrator, cartoonist with a character, an author or a brand? Make sure you are thorough in this description and focus on the details of how your product relates to the marketplace (specifically your audience). describe-your-product-day-4-final

If you are an art licensor, your product is not one image or even one collection, it’s all your work which embodies your design style, its qualities and the characteristics which make your work unique. This is what makes you distinctive, your unique selling point, or USP as marketers refer to it.

All artists, who become brands, have a USP. So make sure you can identify your USP and are able to explain it to others.

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17 10 2016


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16 10 2016


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