Rule #5

3 10 2011

Understand copyrights and trademarks.

You own the copyright to your artwork the moment you create them. I encourage you to register your copyrights when you create them, or at least when you begin to use them in business.

As you build your Art Licensing business, you may also need to look into securing trademarks for your brand, art collections and characters. This blog won’t go into the detail about how to do this, but I want to be clear about telling you that the registration of your copyrights and trademarks is the only thing that provides legal ‘teeth’ to pursue and win an infringement case, should you ever need to.

The law is written in a way that states that you must protect and defend your copyrights and trademarks. It’s never done for you. Once you have registered them, it’s really your privilege and obligation, to protect and defend them.

Without registering them, you really won’t have a foot to stand on in court.  It’s a very important point to understand.

Note: If you are interested you can check out three phenomenal classes covering Copyrights, Trademarks and Contract Language, which I teach with Attorney Elizabeth Russell. You’ll appreciate the simple terminology of the Legal Ease 3-class series, yet they incorporate full explanations and thoughtful presentations designed specifically for artists looking to license their artwork.  We even teach you how to economize on the paperwork and cost so you can maximize the process of protecting your art.

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