Rule #15

15 11 2011

Manufacturers rarely take art ‘as is.’

It seems as long as the world has been changing, clients always want changes in the work you do.  Well, art licensing is really no different.  Manufacturers will be your clients; and they always want more art, more production help, more designs, more tweaks, and have tight deadlines.  So please don’t think this industry will be any different.

Art licensing is a very commercial industry, and I think this is why we are seeing so many artists who have successfully crossed over from advertising and graphic design. These creators are used to art direction from clients, adaptations, changes on the fly and other assorted, sordid requirements of the licensing and manufacturing worlds.

There is definitely, however, a limit on how much adapting and revising one should do, but that is another topic that I will have to address later.  Let me just say that you need to be flexible, as well as manage how much time you put into doing spec work and adapting final files.

Just know there will always be a tweak here and there; and sometimes there are big tweaks. So be prepared to make changes, and of course to fight for those changes your ‘gut’ just won’t let you make. At least, if you know this is common and to be expected, and you can handle it, then this just might be an industry for you.


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