6 Modern Ways to Create and Share a Press Release

31 03 2011

I read a question on The Art of Licensing group email this morning, which asked: “Last night I watched a business show. The people on the show all agreed that PR is more important than advertising. What do you think?”

This was my response. “I have been marketing businesses, products, artists and characters for 20+ years, and in my experience PR IS more important than advertising. Any legitimate piece of PR will create more value than an advertisement. However, today there are many media companies and outlets who let you  write your own press when you buy advertising, and I don’t consider that ‘legitimate.”

Then a few minutes later I found a really great recap of web-based PR resources in the article 6 Modern Ways to Create and Share a Press Release. These services can really make the job easier for you.  I haven’t used them all, but I can recommend Web PR.  Even if you aren’t ready to publicize your art licensing or character property, I’d keep these resources handy for the future.

And speaking of resources, there is still time to sign up for tomorrow morning’s FREE FRIDAY Ask J’net Q&A about art licensing.  Details are on the web site, where you can also register and submit your questions. Hope you can join me from 9-10am PST/12-1pm EST.  This month’s questions are intelligent and valuable. I can’t wait!



2 responses

17 05 2011

You mention a resource list…have you posted it here?
I’d like to review it, thanks

7 06 2011

Marie, the resource list is on the main All Art Licensing web site. Thanks for asking as its a great resource for all artists looking to license their artwork.

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