Product Art & Design Trends – 2015

14 01 2015

Monochromatic of Puget SoundHere is what I’m seeing as key art and design trends for 2015. I polled fashion blogs, home décor sites, retailers, trade publications and a variety of sources. See how my list compares to your trip to AmericasMart. I welcome your thoughts and examples.


A mix of colors, imagery & themes

  • Farm to table
  • Metalics (the new neutral)
  • Gray (still a top neutral)
  • Library cozy
  • Natural wood
  • Octagons
  • Nature mixed with mod designs
  • Deep blue (Greek Isles)
  • Digital world influencing print
  • Retro—70s bohemian still with us but here come 80s & 90s
  • Space ‘the new frontier’
  • Opulence/luxury
  • All things royal (continues)
  • Weddings

Here’s a link to Pantone’s Spring Color Report, so you can check out their line-up.

Pantone Spring Color Report 2015

Lastly, I want to add a few notes from a fascinating conversation I had with a manufacturer recently.  He mentioned how ‘fluidity’ is really important right now because we’re fighting back from such a major recession. I see the fluidity in the neutral colors all combined together, lots of beautiful monochromatic scenes.  Then pops of color or white.

Humor is important. Optimism and inspiration are key. And, of course, looking back to wonderful days gone by and ahead to a brighter future.  I can actually see everything he was talking about in the list I gathered from a wide variety of sources.

I couldn’t get to AmericasMart this year, but I can’t wait to read about everyone’s experiences this year! How are the trends influencing your thinking and designs?

(My thanks to Sara Chapman for her Monochromatic Photo of Puget Sound, more of her photography can be found at Love That Image. Where else but Seattle should you go for images of gray…our trendy neutral.)



2 responses

16 01 2015

Thank you. This is very helpful.

14 01 2015
Sara Chapman in Seattle USA

Very interested to read your trends for 2015. Just saw that you used my image for gray! How fun! But people should go to the blog page if they’d like to see more: will take you there.

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