31 Days of Marketing Tips for All Art Licensors – Tip #1

1 10 2016

For many years now, I have been addressing the concerns of creators, through coaching, classes and blogging. While understanding the licensing model and its process is very important to being in this business, it really all boils down to two things. First, do you have a creative asset, whether it’s a cartoon character, art, writings or some other creative endeavor, and the desire to have it out in the marketplace? And, secondly, do you have the ability to sell it to others, both to businesses who can help you grow (B2B) the end-users, your fans and consumers (B2C)?

So literally, it’s your creativity and ability to market what you create that will make or break your capacity to build a business. Many creators have a passion for getting their work into the marketplace and into the hands of fans across the country and the world. However, that fiery passion becomes sludge in their veins when it comes to thoughts of marketing their work.

I see it every day. Honestly, the brands, art and characters that ‘make it’ are the ones which have a person and team to persistently sell and leverage their intellectual property assets. If you want to sell your art, either directly or through licensing, the same marketing skills are needed and it’s time for artists to get it through their heads (and hearts) that marketing and sales are not the enemy! They are in fact the only lifeline you have to creating an income from your ideas.

For the month of October, I am offering a terrific place to start with developing your marketing and sales skills. Some are small steps you can take to improve your marketing and sales, and improve your business.  They may be small quotes, but they are based on big ideas, and they all need to be practiced and accomplished.31-days-of-marketing-tips-for-all-art-licensors-tip-1






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2 10 2016
Dean E Bernal

I also found it very useful to use the quotes as reminders to access the past art licensing blog post and locate advice and indepth details on my areas of interest. Thank you.

2 10 2016

Dean thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Yes, the older blog articles have lots of valuable and relevant information that everyone can still access. These tips can help be those memory joggers and help folks develop a plan for the new year! Always, J’net

2 10 2016

Yes, I see the picture J’net. And it needs a frame. I WILL BUILD this frame as you suggest by seeking specialist and building relationships with people in marketing and sales. I appreciate your help and advice for the 30 days of quotes and insights.

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