CREATE YOUR MONEY MAP (Marketing Action Plan): Establish Your Marketing Goals

31 01 2017

establish-your-marketing-goalsI hope over the last couple of weeks you have thought about your business in a new detailed way. Now it is time to take all that knowledge and create your marketing goals. Goals are a very interesting breed of objectives. These targets create the purpose for your every activity related to business and they have some very specific qualities.

Remember that goals need to be quantifiable, which means measurable in marketing language. And you need to have goals that are related to sales.

For art licensors, I suggest you start with identifying your new, or first, cornerstone product categories. Here is where you identify that you want to license your art on sports equipment, housewares, party supplies, stationery, greeting cards, gift items or domestics.

Here is where you should target how many deals/licenses you want to close during the year and how many new retail products you want on the shelves in the future. I suggest you also create other achievements as goals, such as brand awareness, audience exposure and product demand, which will create leverage for future deals.

So write out your key goals, those that will help you build revenue in your business.



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