An Interview with Kendra Hull of Acco Brands (Calendars, Back-to-School and Home Office Products)

12 05 2015

Acco brandsKendra Hull, the Licensing Account Manager, of Acco Brands provided me with some very valuable insights on their variety of products and strategies for their brands. It can be difficult to find manufacturers who are as honest and open as Kendra, so I encourage you to watch the entire video, even if you aren’t looking to license your art or property right now for calendars, back-to-school and home office products.Mead Fashion

Learn what Kendra believes is the downfall of many presentations sent her way, what a SALY is and why she’s important, as well as what types of art, designs & characters the brands are looking for these days.

Kendra Hull, Licensing Account Manager, Acco Brands

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One response

12 05 2015
Sara Chapman in Seattle USA

This was great and quite informative. I do wish the sound, especially on Kendra’s side, was better. But very enjoyable overall.

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