Now the Real Work Begins as Exhibitors Head Home to Follow-Up on Leads

19 06 2014

In our last ‘during-the-show’ post, I am sharing news from some very excited Exhibitors. I look forward to hearing about all the deals that get closed.

Silverfish Press
The art of painter Stanley Meltzoff catches a wave of licensing success with high quality product that is appropriate to the brand. Meltzoff’s images of fish and fishing lend itself perfectly to certain categories. Mike Rivkin, president of Silverfish said, “We have cutting boards, calendars and puzzles already signed. We’ve had interest for commercial floor mats, sunglasses, and different storage boxes, possibly tackle boxes. It’s been a pretty good show.”

Mike Rivkin of Silverfish Press

Mike Rivkin of Silverfish Press

Ileana Grimm’s designs continue to be clever and original. Taking everyday themes and giving them a twist of “Grimm” humor, coupled with minimalist strong line, bold color characters, Grimm sparks laughter in quick quips in her designs. Her character Pearl, an outspoken woman, is a cornerstone property that is licensed through King Features, has had interest from many categories of potential licensees including new greeting cards. Meanwhile some of the other Grimm characters, such as the new cranky black cat named Zoe, have seen categories of interest for mobil stickers and publishing deals, as well as international licensing representation in France, Ecuador and other parts of South America.

Ileana Grimm and Pearl

Ileana Grimm and Pearl



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